“You are still arguing. Stop it.”
“Do not hit me!”
“Then stop it…and admit that I am always right.”
(Translated from Cardassian by Sora Lenel)


Raised as a military brat, Ulani joined up with the Cardassian military at the tender age of 17. Working through the ranks, she was often times seen as an equal as she never said no to a challenge. Often times she’s proved to be as ‘tough as the boys’.

Military Background
Rank: Glinn (Lieutenant)
Gorr- 2364-67
Garresh- 2367-70
Gil- 2370-73
Glinn- 2373-present
Years as: 2
Places Served: Cardassia Prime, the Yealitni


Ulani has only known the military, so her personality reflects that. She’s really one of the boys and doesn’t own nice, feminine clothing. The most feminine part of her is her long hair, which is kept brushed back and in a queue. Ulani likes to drink and have fun, and she is a stout patriot of Cardassia. She opposes outsiders, but begrudgingly admits that they are helping, for the moment.




The exact nature of her relationship with Revar was never firmly set. At times their relationship was strictly physical, leaving them open to other opportunities and at other times they were devoted to one another with clear romantic interest.

Skrain EkoorEdit

Skrain was less complicated than her on-again-off-again relationship with Revar. Meeting him aboard the Yealitni, Skrain and she were temporarily stuck together when power to part of the ship was accidentally cut during repairs. Due to unique circumstances and since they had enough air supply to last, they were together for two hours before power was restored. In that time they developed an attraction that, soon after, developed into a genuine romantic relationship. When Ulani was transferred from the Yealitni to work planet-side, they tried to maintain a long distance relationship, however ultimately agreed to remain friends because of the strain.


Ulani’s family was the typical Cardassian family. Born to Tulan (2330-2372) and Siana (2328-2371) Jasaad, she was raised in Culat on Cardassia Prime.

Along with her parents, Ulani also has an older brother named Malean (2345-), two younger sisters named Lunar (2349-) and Sari (2360-) as well as two brothers, Kavor (2352-) and Mikor (2355).

Played ByEdit

This character is played by Lilly.