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Born to a military man, Trvek was raised for the state. His father, a harsh man, frequently verbally abused his son and, at times physically did so as well, all in the name of shaping him into a better soldier. In a way Trvek’s father was successful because upon becoming a soldier, Trvek’s primary goal became to outrank his father and thus outshine him as an officer.

In 2357, Trvek met Sentia. The two courted and then married in 2359. Together, they had four children, three of which survive.

His current rank is Legate.


Trvek is determined and motivated due to his father’s influence. While his over-eagerness has changed since the war, Trvek is still determined and stubborn. After the war, his loyalty to the State changed. He is still an officer and still loyal to Cardassia, but Trvek has grown to understand that being loyal to the state and being loyal to his people isn’t always the same thing. He’s weary of off-worlders, not fully trusting the Federation, however capable of swallowing his pride enough to realize when Cardassia needs help.



While his life was dedicated to the state, Trvek did have a few romantic entanglements. They were usually with other officers and were brief. Sentia was the only real, serious relationship he had.


Trvek and Sentia’s four children are: Valek (M, b. 2362- d.2375), Jael (F, b.2365), Rajel (M, b.2368), Emzada (F, b.2371)

Valek died in the attacks in 2375 inflicted on Cardassia by the departing Dominion.


Aside from his wife and children, Trvek’s family included his parents, Gul Evik and his mother Ilana and his brother, Anthos, who was six years older than him. All three are deceased.

Played ByEdit

This character is played by Lilly.