Inevitably, it doesn’t matter how thoroughly something is written out, but a few questions aren’t answered. This page is for those questions that might arise or that come to us over time. If you’ve read over the wiki and you’re still not sure, this is the place to look!

Questions about MembershipEdit

Q: Are there exceptions to the ’18 and over’ rule?

A: No, there aren’t. While someone under 18 may be very mature, they are still under 18. We aren’t sure how Yahoo could verify someone’s age, but regardless we don’t want to get in trouble. Once someone has turned 18, they are welcome to apply.

Q: How do I get more detailed information about becoming a member of Cardassia Rising?

A: We've created a Membership page. On this page is more about the things you need to do before you join and the things you should keep in mind after.

Q: How do I know what all the rules are?

A: On the 'Home' page of this wiki, we have our rules listed and explained. As our group grows and we encounter new and unique situations, we may add to these rules. If this happens though, you'll find out about it through our OOC group.

Questions about CharactersEdit

Q. Do I have to have a Cardassian character?

A. No. This game does take place on Cardassia and is intended to focus on Cardassians, however there is a Federation presence on Cardassia due to relief efforts. Because of this, players can have non-Cardassian characters. Though, we encourage everyone to have at least one Cardassian.

Q. How many characters can I have?

A. As many as you can handle! At times, a player may be unable to play a certain character due to having too many canon or otherwise major characters already. In this case, they may explore the option of letting a character or two go. Players may also be requested to improve on a character before it is approved to make an appearance in the game. But, again, this isn’t limiting how many you can play, only what.

Q: I want to play a character, but I don't have an idea. Do you have a list of characters available that I can just pick from?

A: Yep! Generally speaking, all the characters on this list have at least been referenced, so they have some established roll in the game. (Some may have not been referenced and introduced, but they will have a fair amount of information.) This might range from an established history to just a simple reference, but we do have a list of Available Characters.