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Keiko had strong bonds with her family, especially her grandmother who she would often times help as a child. These strong bonds carried further into her marriage with Miles O’Brien. They married on the Enterprise, where they both served. Miles was an officer and Keiko a botanist.

Together, they had Molly and, later in life, they had another child, Kirayoshi. ‘Yoshi’ was born with the assistance of Kira Nerys who had to carry the baby due to complications.

After the Dominion War and when the restoration of Cardassia became a task the Federation was set to aide in, Keiko was approached with the opportunity of heading up a project called the Darnak Project. After some debate, the O’Brien family agreed to the move and, with their two children, Miles and Keiko moved to Cardassia to aide in improving agriculture on the desert planet.


Helping others and improving the life of those around her has always been important to Keiko. Her family is also important to her and she enjoys spending time with them. It is this helpful and at times optimistic disposition that makes Keiko friendly, most of the time, towards others. She tries to be a patient person, though how patient she is and can be really changes from each situation.



Before meeting Miles, Keiko had one other serious relationship with a man named Masato Nakamura. They were romantically involved for three years until Masato asked Keiko to marry him. Not feeling that she could fully commit to him as she wasn’t in love with him, Keiko turned him down though the relationship came to an end despite both trying to continue.

Less than a year later, she was introduced to Miles O’Brien through their mutual friend, Data. The two began seeing each other and were eventually wed on the Enterprise.


Keiko has two children with her husband, Miles. While on the Enterprise they had Molly, and later while on Deep Space 9, Kira Nerys was a surrogate mother for Miles and Kira, giving birth to Kirayoshi. He’s better known as Yoshi.


Keiko’s father is Hiro Ishikawa, a native of Japan, and her mother is Aika Ishikawa. Hiro and Aika live in Kumamoto, Japan, on Earth. As a child, Keiko also spent a lot of time with her grandmother, Mai.

Played ByEdit

This character is played by Lilly.