Amity Ming

"I don't mind. Over the years of schmoozing for my grandfather, I've come to realize that…. That there is safety in numbers."


Amity never met her father or any other Cardassians until she left Earth. She grew up suffering the brunt of being a ‘spoonhead’ on Earth. As a child she had been teased and it led to more aggressive behavior and more than one scuffle. Her grandparents, Mei and Huang Ming, pretty much raised her. Her mother was somewhat unstable and spent most of Amity’s younger life in and out of hospitals.

Because of Amity, her grandfather was chosen as the Federation ambassador to Cardassia. Shortly after being chosen, Haung and Amity moved to Cardassia, with the understanding that her grandmother, Mei, and her mother, Jie, would join them once the Embassy was complete.



Because of her history on Earth, Amity can be touchy about her race. Sometimes she can come off as aggressive and combative, but mostly it is just a defense trigger from her history. In actuality, she is a nice person. Like anyone else in her situation, she has some abandonment issues, but nothing to a large degree.



Because Amity’s grandfather was rather strict and she wasn’t popular due to her mixed heritage, Amity didn’t really date. Though, since her arrival to Cardassia and against her grandfather, Haung Ming's wishes, she's developing a relationship with Corat Damar.


Amity’s father is Legate Toral Cevdak in the Cardassian Military. Through Cevdak, Amity has seven half siblings on Toral’s side. Her mother is Jie Ming and she is Jie’s only child; her grandparents are Haung and Mei Ming.

Played ByEdit

This character is played by Lilly.