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In the character profile, there is a link to this webpage. Here, you determine which of teh following category affiliations your character most identifies with. This allows for your character to be easily found by other players who have characters in the same category or, perhaps is against the category.

Cardassian TraditionalistEdit

Traditionalists believe that the best way to rebuild Cardassia isn't with outside help (i.e. the Federation) but to do it fully from within. For the most part, they also believe that the old way of government with military control is the best. This affiliation is 'Cardassian Traditionalist'

Violent RebelEdit

People fitting in this category are traditionalist who do not use legal and civil forms of protest, but resort to violent ones. These movements and gangs aren't named in the group yet, but if your character is like this, their affiliation is 'Cardassian Violent Traditionalist'

Cardassian ModernistEdit

Generally, Cardassians in this movement agree with the new, democratic Cardassian government and, to varying degrees, welcome outside support to help rebuild the planet. These people are 'Cardassian Modernist'.

Oralian WayEdit

With a new government and change for the Cardassian Union also comes an attempt to be more open to religion and those that want to practice it. Before it became too dangerous to openly practice religion, Cardassians believed in Oralius. Their religion was called the Oralian Way. 'Oralian Way' is the official affiliation for these characters.

United Federation of PlanetsEdit

As the name suggests, characters that are in or support the Federation are here. These characters do not have to like the Cardassian Union or anything non-Federation, they just have to support the Federation. This affiliation is called 'United Federation of Planets', or 'Federation'.